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About the Crew

The People Who Make it Happen

skcop is made up of a dedicated group of talented and professional architects and designers committed to excellence. The passionate people who work at skcop come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, with their ideas shaping the direction of the company and ensuring quality and uniqueness.

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Co-founder, Principal Architect

Akhil is passionate about design, detailing and seeing his work executed. He is as interested in the intricacies and challenges of solving design problems as he is in building relationships with people that share his passion, in whatever form or capacity. 

He is a qualified Architect, registered with the Council of Architecture, India. He has practiced extensively in India and recently in the UK and has a collective professional work experience of over 12 years. He has remained active in the academic environment by being associated with architecture schools in Bombay and, more recently, the University of Nottingham. 

Contact Akhil at or +919867668126.
Connect with Akhil on Linkedin here. 

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Harshad Sutar

Co-founder, Principal Architect

Harshad has built his career in the profession of Architecture by constantly excelling in and pushing the boundaries of architectural design. Harshad is interested in free flowing spaces and in surfaces that link and transcend planes. He is sensitive towards clients’ finer requirements and knows well how to balance the experimental with the practical.

Harshad finds solace in executing curved and slanting forms but can be persuaded to go ‘straight’ whenever cost or time is a factor. His understanding of how design needs to respond to site, budget and time constraints is unparalleled. He is a practitioner and an advocate of good design.

Harshad is a qualified Architect with over 12 years of experience and is registered with the Council of Architecture, India. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Mumbai and a Masters degree in Advanced Architecture from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. 

Contact Harshad at or +91 99208 84407. 

Connect with Harshad on Linkedin here. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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